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Live Music & First "Last Sunday Share" Dinner in Pendleton

Help Sheldon create the special community of friends she craves by bringing a dish for dinner, as we build a new tradition of having a large family feast on Sunday nights, here at Viva! in Pendleton. Local musician, Palmer Dill, will be playing guitar and singing along with friends, and we will stay open later than usual to break bread. We will make a buffet style bar out of all of the shared dishes(just like at grandma's house) and pull tables together so we can all dine together(no kids' table like at grandma's!). This dinner is free to everyone, but we do encourage bringing food, whether you made it at home or are toting it from the grocery store/restaurant!

Join us in the afternoon if you'd like to just stop in for a Sunday beverage and enjoy what's left of your weekend. We open at 1pm. Dinner will begin at 6:30 sharp!